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Sativa vs. Indica, THC vs. CBD, and how this relates to 31.05.2015 · I've gotten a few questions about the differences between Sativa vs. Indica, and THC vs. CBD. Sativa and Indica refer to the two different types of marijuana. Marijuana comes in two varieties; sativa or indica, and the plants even look different (see below). Leaf Science has a great article called Indica vs. Sativa: Understanding the 1:4 THC | CBD | The Peace Naturals Project We will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your inquiry. To contact our Client Care team by phone: 1(888) 64-PEACE (73223) CBD Oil 3.6% Sativa/Indica Hybrid Blend Description CBD Oil 3.6% Sativa/Indica Hybrid Blend full spectrum. 360mg cbd per 10ml. 200 drops per 10ml bottle = 1.8mg cbd per drop. This oil is made with 3 organic full plant extracts blended together for increased synergy and entourage effect. Indica vs. sativa: What’s the difference between cannabis types?

Top 10 High-THC Strains (By Categories) These are the top 10 most potent strains in the RQS collection. We’ve got feminized photoperiodic strains for fire breathers, next-gen autoflowering hybrids with unbelievable THC levels, and CBD-rich medical cannabis.

THC Oil. Cannabis Tincture. AVG THC : ~ 18 mg/ml. AVG CBD : <0.5 mg/ml 4 ml Cannabis Oil. CLASSIFICATION: 50:50 Hybrid 60:40 Sativa. ——————. These 10 strains are great for medical cannabis users in search of large Tinctures, oils, and other types of medicine made from this strain are perfect for patients OG Kush CBD is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is made up of 60 percent 

As with THC, CBD Cannabis Oil is extracted from Cannabis varieties that contain a high percentage of CBD (Cannabidiol).Which is also a Cannabinoid. The difference between the two Cannabinoids is that CBD does not cause a psychoactive “high” AT ALL when smoked or inhaled.

Our 100% naturally derived concentrate has been carefully formulated with 60% Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and helps visibly reduce and relieve  (LP) of Medical Cannabis Products, including Dried Cannabis, Cannabis Oil, a large selection of sativa dominant, indica dominant, hybrids and CBD strains. will be watching to see which of the new products are in the highest demand. Whether you want to get creative, or stare at the ceiling for a few hours, Tweed's cannabis products are as diverse as our community. CBD is naturally found in both medical marijuana and hemp. hemp, our organic hemp CBD products is made from a CBD-rich cannabis sativa strain known as PCR hemp. We are able to make our particles 25-60 nanometers in size. Tokyo Smoke is for the sophisticated and curious cannabis explorer, those who embrace high design and alternative states of mind. Our accessories ship  All of our hemp bud is slow dried, 60 day-cured and hand-trimmed, similar to high THC cannabis strains, for the highest quality product and most enjoyable 

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